Macon Changes Professional Counseling Services

108 Inview Rd. Suite 107
West Columbia, South Carolina
United States
(803) 223-9010


Healthy living is not just about eating right and exercising. It is important for individuals to be aware of their mental health as well as their physical. At Macon Changes, we provide support and interventions to ensure stability across all life areas. We address topics such as employment issues, home life, social relationships, spiritual development, and overall life goals. We recognize the importance of mental health, and for that reason, we strive to make it easily accessible to anyone seeking these services.

I am a skilled licensed professional counselor as well as a licensed addictions counselor. While we are set up to provide in office services, we also provide video counseling services that are convenient, easily accessible, and HIPPA compliant.

Individuals are at their best when actively pursuing those things that make them happiest. Through a variety of person-centered techniques, we seek to build a collaborative counseling relationship that enables individuals to overcome their own personal roadblocks and place them on the road to change.

If you are in an immediate crisis, please call 911 in the US and Canada, 999 in the UK, 000 In Australia or 112 in Europe.
Alternatively, you can visit Befrienders Worldwide to find a suicide helpline for your country.

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